Book-keeping / Accounting & Systems Review / Payroll / Training

We allow you and your staff to focus on the core business of your company and ensure you meet both your business and financial goals, by providing you with accounting solutions below:

  • Preparation of monthly/quarterly or periodic financial reports
  • Accounts receivables (A/R) & Accounts payables (A/P) management
  • Internal reconciliations
  • Fixed assets management
  • Stock count & management
  • Review of Internal controls & systems
  • Development of accounting policies
  • Development, implementation and maintenance of financial systems (both manual and computerized) to ensure accurate recording of all financial transactions.
  • Debt recovery and reconciliation of disputed overdue client accounts
  • Payroll preparation, processing and payment of relevant monthly statutory obligations i.e. National Social Security Fund (NSSF) & National Hospital Insurance Fund (NHIF) etc.
  • Training
    • Accounting standards
    • How to improve financial monitoring mainly for start- ups


Preparation / Risk Analysis

Audit of accounts is essential as they provide your company’s management with insight on the business. There is a strong link between financial evidence provided to stakeholders of a business and its overall performance; and this financial information is obtained through audits. Under this service branch, we offer:

  • Statutory audits in compliance with International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) and legal requirements relevant to the organization.
  • Business risk analysis
  • Forensic audit
  • Management audit and advice on internal controls and systems.
  • Special audits designed to achieve particular objectives specific within the organization.
  • Systems audit: address the effectiveness and efficiency with which the organization carries out its functions.


Registration / Advisory / Filing / Compliance

Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) is the revenue collection body in Kenya and is responsible for the collection of taxes. The tax system in Kenya comprises of individual income tax, corporate tax and tax on goods and services, levies, customs and duties among others.

These taxes are expected to be submitted on a monthly basis by payment to KRA or are withheld and submitted to KRA. We believe in timely tax compliance to avoid attracting non-compliance and late payment penalties that could cost a business. At the same time, we are keen on assisting our clients in planning their remittances prior to submission so that if possible, the amount of tax payable can be reduced. We do this by:

  • Registering your company and your employees with KRA for remittance of tax returns
  • Providing advisory on tax exemptions, incentives and allowances
  • Filing of all tax returns on your company’s behalf on time every month
  • Preparing your company for KRA compliance checks

We advise on various tax issues to ensure tax efficiency and optimization of returns by reviewing clients’ transactions and organizational structure. We assist you manage your interactions with the revenue authority through;

  • Business Start-up & Structuring ; Structuring investments, operating entities and transactions
  • Corporate re-organization
  • Sale of business
  • Winding up
  • Transactions/ contract reviews
  • Mergers and Acquisitions

We assist you manage your interactions with the revenue authority through;

  • Voluntary disclosures
  • Managing KRA Audits
  • Dispute resolutions with Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA)
  • Assisting with Appeals and Objections
  • Refunds and set-offs of overpayments


Registration / Compliance

This entails assisting our clients with the following:

  • Company/business formation and registration services
  • Filing of Annual Returns with Registrar of Companies
  • Make changes in company structure i.e. shareholding and directorship etc.


Job Evaluation / Recruitment / Policy Development / Restructuring

Human Resource consultancy we assist our clients with the following:

  • Organizational review; developing organizational structures, conduct job analysis and evaluation and HR audits.
  • Recruitment and selection; managing the recruitment process, hiring, on boarding and designing appointment letters and contracts.
  • Performance management; review of permanence management processes.
  • Reward management; review and/or update employee or salary programs.
  • Employment law; updated you on employment law, rules and regulation changes
  • Employment policies; developing employee policies and procedures handbook.
  • Strategic planning; development for our clients enabling them to achieve superior strategic results. We ensure that your strategic plan is turned into action with clear plans, accountability resource allocation and control.
  • Management development; facilitate timely, topical workshops and seminars that provide pertinent employee relations and employee law information and education which allow for effective and efficient management of the workforce
  • Assessments; individual and team assessment including psychometric testing


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